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Motorhome Solar Panels – Solar Power is a viable way of making your motorhome self sufficient.

Our 12 Volt Solar Panels will maintain and charge your motorhome auxiliary battery whilst eliminating noise and pollution from expensive generators to power your appliances.

Solar Panels from UK Towbars

Our Solar Panels will give you the required solar power to run your lights, radio, TV, and pumps. The best thing about having a Solar Panel is your motorhome will be ready to roll when you are, plus you won’t have to run a noisy generator or haul the extra fuel!

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We specialise in supplying & installing a range of various sized solar panels to caravans & motorhomes.

All prices include professional installation, charging regulator and 5 year warranty. We can carry out custom installations to meet your individual needs. To arrange a survey for your motorhome or caravan call the number below.

Available Motorhome Solar Panels

40 watt system

40 Watt Motorhome Solar Panel | Motorhome Solar Panels

40w Suitable for topping up the leisure battery and running a laptop, Low consumption. Output around 25-35 amps per day – Panel Size 631mm (W) 554mm (H) 30mm (D)

60 watt system

60 Watt Motorhome Solar Panel

60w Suitable for running a satellite and TV – Medium consumption. Output around 40-50 amps per day – Panel size 824mm (W) 550mm (H) 35mm (D)

80 watt system

80 Watt Motorhome Solar Panel

80w Suitable for running a fridge, TV and satellite – Heavy consumption (Summertime) Output around 55-60 amps per day – Panel size 668mm (W) 816mm (H) 35mm (D)

120 watt System

120 Watt Motorhome Solar Panel

120w Suitable for fridges, TV and satellite all year round (lower light levels required) Output around 70-84 amps per day – Panel size 669mm (W) 1254mm (H) 35mm (D)

Solar Panels
Solar Panels
Solar Panels

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