Motorhome Load Alert Systems

If your motorhome is overloaded you could be fined and given points on your licence. Be made to remove excess load and arrange to have it collected. If you were involved in an accident and the wreckage is weighed your insurance would be invalid.

The MAD load alert system is an indicator which will warn the driver if the vehicle is too heavily laden. This is done by measuring the ride height of the vehicle. When load is added to the vehicle the compression of the suspension is measured.

A Sensor reads the height of the motorhome in 3 positions:

  • The weight of the vehicle is within limits. The Green LED will be displayed
  • The weight of the vehicle is at maximum axle load. The Orange LED will be activated.
  • The weight of the Motorhome is too heavy the Red LED will be activated and a buzzer will warn the driver.

When the kit is fitted into a vehicle the sensor will give a signal depending on the load and ride-height of the vehicle. The LED displays may be mounted at the driver position, or in the load area, according to your choice.

Advantages of installing a Motorhome Load Alert System:

  • Easy installation
  • The driver will be warned when the load of the Motorhome is exceeded by an LED light and buzzer
  • Time delay prevents flashing LED’s when driving the vehicle
  • Special mounting brackets and adjustment for each type of Motorhome type available as standard kits
Load Alert Systems
Load Alert Systems
Load Alert Systems

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Load Alert SystemsLoad Alert Systems
Load Alert SystemsLoad Alert Systems
Load Alert SystemsLoad Alert Systems
Load Alert SystemsLoad Alert Systems
Load Alert SystemsLoad Alert Systems
Load Alert SystemsLoad Alert Systems

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