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Towball Mounted Cycle Carriers

These are two of the most popular motorhome towbar mounted cycle carriers that we supply. The advantages of these types are that they have a higher pay load capacity allowing for heavier battery powered cycles. They are easier to load and unload, compared to higher panel amount carriers.

  • Bike Rack
    ZX89 Cycle Carrier

    Coming soon, RV Style Low loading cycle carrier

  • ZX300 - £183.60 incl. VAT
    Thule 9503 Ride On Cycle Carrier

    Towball mounted cycle carrier, will take 3 bikes of any size, with a maximum pay load of 45kg Will fit most towbars and includes additional strap fasteners, light board with 13 or 7 pin plugs

  • ZX400 - £459.80 incl. VAT
    ZX400 Cycle Carrier

    Will carry 4 bikes of any size, this carrier is designed to be fitted to a permanent plate mounted behind the ball. i.e. is not suitable for swan neck towbars. Maximum pay load 65kg.

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